Womens Bernie Bro. V-Neck T-shirt
Womens Bernie Bro. V-Neck T-shirt

Womens Bernie Bro. V-Neck T-shirt

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Description: Bernie is on a roll, bro. Fortified by the most consistent progressive record in Washington, Bernie Sanders is taking on the establishment, the billionaires, and business as usual in a way not even Donald Trump is prepared for. Republicans can't touch him, Democrats don't know what to make of him, but he's leading the polls and smashing records for voter turnout across the nation. The platform is simple, people are people, and should valued for more than their economic success. Medicare for all, tuition free higher education, and wall-street can pay for it! Are you tired of the socialism that bails out billionaires and subsidizes the wealthy? How about some democratic socialism that serves the working people of America and recognizes that no one needs a billion dollars. The people's candidate. Not popular with billionaires.

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