Mug Let Liz Speak Ceramic Gift Mug

Mug Let Liz Speak Ceramic Gift Mug

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Description: It seems like no matter where you go or how long you wait those at the top keep stepping on those at the bottom, marginalizing those without means to defend themselves and in favor of the status quo. Resist. History reminds us that racism, bigotry, and sexism, only serve to stir those oppressed to growth. We're not a melting pot, we're a garden. And we will reap what we sow. Elizabeth Warren won't stand down in the face of oppression and chauvinism. She's a nasty woman and she'll fight till the war is won. She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted. Feminists fight for the future of females. Tell the world we have outgrown sexism and intolerance.

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