Mens I Like Bernie Jersey Tank Top
Mens I Like Bernie Jersey Tank Top

Mens I Like Bernie Jersey Tank Top

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Description: Step back Hillary! Lets just be honest, Bernie would have beat Donald Trump in 2016 if you and the DNC hadn't snubbed him. Bernie is a real political force, a man of the people, and WE LIKE HIM. You can trash him all you want. It just shows your fear that your wealthy friends and donors are worried about the power and integrity of a Sanders presidency. If you think no one likes Bernie it shows the kinds of constituents you're rubbing shoulders with, and its NOT the working people and middle class families of America, its the millionaires and billionaires who have polluted the government with their money since the beginning. You don't have to like Bernie, there are MILLIONS of us who do. Take on the corporate greed, wall street, and the one percent. We can pay for it, its time for the wealthiest to pay their fair share.

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